Aadizookaan Entertainment Media Group is dedicated to the art of storytelling, regardless of the medium. We recognize the innate need in humans to be entertained, and it is our passion and love for stories that drives our mission to provide quality entertainment that is imaginative, engaging and thought-provoking.

Well-told stories should be timeless, as with the great mythology and folklore traditions from cultures worldwide which often inform, inspire or influence our work.

Technology in all its many forms may have largely replaced the flickering fire around which the storytellers once gathered, but at the end of the day, the purpose is still the same -- to elicit an emotional response in the audience and to create a sense of awe and wonder. We welcome you to join us on the journey.

Where does the name come from?

Aadizookaan is an Ojibwe (Chippewa) word for a “legend” or “traditional story.”  The Ojibwe people are the third largest group of First Nations people in the United States, surpassed in size only by the Navajo and Cherokee. Their traditional homeland was centered on the Great Lakes region and their Midewiwin Society (a Grand Medicine Society, keepers of shamanistic traditions) is renowned for its role as storytellers and keepers of sacred wisdom and knowledge. The Ojibwe were noted hunters and warriors, responsible for thwarting not only the westward expansion of the Iroquois Confederacy, but defeating the Sioux and displacing them from their ancestral homeland and onto the Great Plains where they rose to prominence.

It is with deep honor and respect that we have chosen to utilize a term from the Ojibwe language to name our company.

Currently Aadizookaan Entertainment features creative work that is either written or co-written by Jonathan Samuel Ross. More information about Jonathan can be found by clicking here.

If you are interested in downloading a PDF containing loglines and/or brief synopses of projects, click here. Completed scripts can be made available in either digital or paper form. Please note that additional information is available for projects listed as “in development” for qualified parties, so contact us accordingly.